This is the format for those who want Loco Polo to be more than just a job. As a general rule, the shop format has the highest sales figures.  A shop also makes it possible to open year round–selling not just cold popsicles in summer but the full range of other products, which helps increase the check average and profits. To open a shop, it´s important to fulfill a series of important requirements:


  • Little space required
  • Good product visibility
  • Option to display toppings.
  • Quick sales process
  • Easy stock control and management
  • Ability to sell large quantities with few employees
  • To-go option.
  • Sales of year-round products.


  • Location: As they say, location, location, location. Being in high-traffic areas helps with visibility, wich has a direct correlation to higher sales, making this one the most important points.
  • Shop: Anywhere from 10 to 90m/2. Whatever the size, the business model will be adjusted to fit the needs of the site.
  • Façade: The bigger the façade, the better.
  • Outdoor seating: Having outdoor seating always helps, although there are locations that do well without it.
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